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In 2008 I…..


Saw this on another blog I read and totally jacked the idea. I’m changing it a little though. In 2008 I…. got a job i loveturned 22became friends with my momlearned to love and trust my selflearned to depend on no one but memoved (back) out of my moms housewatched my daughter turn a YEAR […]

Today – I came across a post about vaccinating children on another blog I follow. I am seriously bothered by the people that are NOT vaccinating their children. First – let me say this – it’s obviously their choice. If they don’t want to vaccinate their kids, fine – Just go live on an island […]

First Post….


First Post to a new blog….. Seems I never know what I want to say….. Ok. So then here it is – I’ll be using this blog to vent, share randomness – anything really. I’ll be posting alot – and often more than likely. I do have another blog – I use that one to […]