I had the most *HORRIBLE* dream last night…. I actually woke up crying.

I dreamed that I had dropped the little one off at my mothers house for the weekend and gone shopping for groceries and such. I got a call from the Donor – he wanted to know if he could go by my moms house and see the baby. I said he could and called my mom to let her know he’d be coming by. Somehow – when he got there he convinced her that I said he could take the baby for a while. Mom packed him a bag for the baby and he left with my child. Can you see where this is going??? Thats right, he STOLE MY BABY!

I call my mom a couple hours later and I’m asking her where the baby is, and she tells me the baby is with the Donor. I FLIPPED. I went to his house to get my baby and his house is EMPTY. No cars, no shoes, no blinds – I look through the windows and it looks like the house is completely devoid of any creature comforts. I race over to his parents house and they tell me that he’s MOVED to friggen Hilliard. EXCUSE ME? HILLIARD? WITH MY CHILD??? Call mom and tell her and she starts crying uncontrollably – I ask Dad if we can go to Hilliard to get my baby and he says he’ll have to “think about it, because after all, Hilliard is pretty far” (Ladies and Gentleman – for the record – Guid LOVES the baby and I think if anything were to happen he would go to the ends of the earth for her and, Hilliard is about 45 min away).

I woke up at this point – crying. I couldn’t get back to sleep for about an hour.

So what in the world does that mean????? Must look it up…..

What was the last horrible dream you had??? Any ideas about what it meant???


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