To You:


Dearest Best Friend….

After today’s events I can understand how you would feel like I was “breaking up” with you. But let me say now, that that was NOT my intention. I would never do such a thing. Here’s the thing – you and I have a completely different idea on what is and is not necessary. We also have two completely different parenting styles (we’re teaching the girls the same thing in two different ways and thus completely and effectively confusing the CRAP out of them. Therefore they act like little NUTS all the time.) I’m a no nonsense parent and you’re more of an attachment parent. I dont think children should be rewarded for things they are SUPPOSED to do – you see rewarding them as encouragement.

But – I had to do this for the little one and for my mental well-being. I think that we are supposed to be best friends, but that we’re not supposed to live together long term. I love you like a sister. You have been my rock through everything I’ve been through. My one TRUE friend. I don’t want to lose you. I understand that you’re upset. I know that you’ll need time to digest things – and maybe think about forgiving me.

Maybe one day, you will forgive me and we can go back to being the best of bests.




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