So, I am….


Feeling like I need to write – and not too sure what to write, so I’ll be rambling. Thanks for Obliging!

Moving. Took a while to make the decision to do so – and it has alot to do with yesterday’s letter to the Bestie. It was hard to make the decision. Now that I have I feel a little better. It also helps that said Bestie is speaking (read: texting) to me now. I think I’d die with out her. Maybe I’ll be able to finally get into college.

The Bestie. She’s been my back bone forever – really. She’s NOT a horrible person – I let things build up in me with out saying anything to her. I shouldn’t have let things build up like they did and now my relationship with her is in danger. This is scary – I’ve known her 11 almost 12 years (half my life people). No idea what I would do with out her and quite frankly, I don’t want to find out. She did agree today to still go on our va-ca at the end of the month to possibly repair our fractured friendship (or maybe she’s just going to leave me in Alabama, lol). I don’t expect miracles – just some semblance of normalcy (which for us would be none, chaos would be more like it). So I’m hopeful for that.

Work. Well – let me just say that while I love my job, its gradually starting to wear on me. I work nights so that my kid doesn’t have to attend a nasty, germ-infested daycare. But I think I get maybe 3 or 4 hours of sleep a day. Thats it. There is a possiblity that I may move to day shift, but the negotiations are still in progress and I’d need to find some one (NOT a day care, a person) that I trust to watch Baby Crazy.

Blogs. I don’t really know who I think I’m kidding – my life is boring, at best. But – the other blog I have is for friends and distant family, so they can keep up with Baby Crazy. This one is for me to vent, ramble (as I’m doing now) and to find some kind of way to express my self (read: talk to myself with out other people looking at me like I’m nuts).


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