I had all these wonderful ideas for posts this weekend while I was ignoring my poor blogs – and now I’ve lost them. That’s what I get for ignoring the poor things.

No clue as to where all the ideas have gone, but maybe they’ll come back some day.

So since I can’t think of any of them – I’ll write about my up-coming va-ca to Alabama.

I’m so frickin excited – I’m going to freeze to death, but hey! Its not Home! Going with the Bestie (we’re actually speaking – and she seems to be uber excited). We’re going up for a couple days to see some friends (ok, so they’re all her friends – as I’m a loser and don’t have friends) and camp in an RV spot. There will be much drinking, laughing, eating and general happiness. This is the plan anyway. The 9 hours up is always hard – but, we are NOT using the GPS this time (I don’t trust the damn thing. It got us L.O.S.T. on the way up last time – and lost in back woods DARK Alabama is a very, very, scary thing.) We’ll use it for general guidance, but we’ll be trusting the good old map (read: and Reggie (one of the persons we’re going to visit, who knows the best way to go up.). Wooohooo for va-ca! I will be posting pics – as she and I have nothing better to do than take pictures of EVERYTHING.

Anyway – I’ll probably post again later as I’m bored and have nothing to do.


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