Gone on Vacation!!!!


Vacation starts today people!

I am excited. I need a break. I need to get away and forget about everything for a couple days. I won’t like my bank account when I come home – but hey, you only live once right???

There are some plans for the vacation (which defeats the purpose of vacation if you ask me, but whatever). We’re supposed to go to a monster truck show and some indoor motocross thing. Never been to either – so it should be fun. If not, I’ll get heavily drunk and then it will be fun.

Anyway – last night I was playing around with the HTML on the blog because I wanted the option of making my posts expandable. Let me just say that HTML SUCKS. I found a code that worked – here’s the problem though, it worked retrospectively too. “Read More!” showed up at the beginning of all the old posts. So I picked a new template and took the HTML out of the formatting area. Should have cleared it out right???? NO. I had to go back through all of that code and delete like 4 lines of code that somehow sneaked into the new template. PAIN IN THE ASS. I need to figure out how to make it NOT show up in the old posts. Can any one help out with this????


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