Promised Randomness


I’m back from vacation!
First – overwhelming response to my who’s reading post. Really…..

Vacation was awesome. Alabama is like a different country. The people there are all so friendly and chatty. I kind of wish (read: do wish) I was still there – except for with Baby Crazy. I enjoyed 4 days in an RV with no hot water (thank God for heat and bath houses). We actually didn’t end up doing any of the planned events – and spent a good portion (read: most) of vacation drunk. It was nice to not have any responsibilities. We headed home on Monday relatively early – but got side tracked about an hour into the trip and ended up at Cathedral Caverns. Two hours later – we started the rest of our trip home, the whole way talking about how we wished we could stay. We took some pictures – not as many as we did on our last trip up – but we did get some really good ones, so I just need to get them on the computer and get them resized. Which I plan on trying to do tomorrow.

Oh – I did my taxes yesterday! (And by I, I mean my Mom) I am so excited about the amount I’m getting – which won’t be shared here, but I could technically buy a car – used, but a car none the less. Except there’s some debt I need to pay off and a fish tank that I need to buy. (Ok, so I don’t need the fish tank – but I want it really badly) And I have a car that runs and is in pretty good shape – so I don’t need a car.


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