So I went Thursday to get my hair TRIMMED.

I went to my beloved and trusted Hair Guru – she’s awesome. She’s worked wonders with my hair for almost 2 years.

I got there and told her that I had recently done a home perm and the results were Ok – but now I needed a trim. Just a trim and maybe some layers. We talked for a couple minutes and decided that layers and a trim were a definite must. She was going to take off an inch.

So the hair cutting commenced. We talked and got on and laughed. When she was done I stood up and looked at my hair. She cut almost 3 inches off the front…. and trimmed the back. WTH???? The back was WAY longer than the front and I had a freakin mullet. No go – so I asked her to even it out. She told me I didnt want it that short and then I made it very clear that I could NOT walk around with the front of my hair a different length than the back. I finally convinced her to cut it all even and…. Now my hair is ABOVE my shoulders. If you know me you know I didn’t even do that for the army and I HATE my hair being that short.

I’ve made peace with my hair and it actually looks GOOD. I’m fine with it now. I know you want to see pictures so I’ll post one later on.

Other news – Baby Crazy may have diabetes! What??? Check it out here.

New year, new hair…. Right???


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