For real – I have a few things I need to update on – so…….

First – I put up a poll on the other blog because I’m changing the babys nick name for blog purposes. Go vote. Please and thank you.

Second – We went to the pediatrician today – Baby Crazy does NOT have diabetes or hypo/hyperglycemia. Good. She still is not pooping on her own and so we’re going to keep her on milk of magnesia. Bad. I hate giving her a laxative every day. She got a couple shots she was due for and was generally unhappy about them. But she finally weighs 20lbs. So she gained like a pound and some thing since November.

Third – I finally figured out the situation with the boyfriend. I decided that it wasn’t worth it for either of us to stay in the relationship. I’m not happy and its not fair to him to be in a relationship with some one who doesn’t love him the way he should be. So – I called it quits today. He took it pretty hard and made me feel pretty bad, but for the first time, I was firm and stood my ground instead of giving in. (Hells yea for me!!!)

Lastly – Can you people comment??? I know you’re reading. Its not that hard – I even opened up the comments so that people can comment anonymously. Jeez. If you had a blog I’d leave you some love too.

Anyway – have a good night and may your day tomorrow be a good one!!!

Quote of the day: Remember that great love and great achievement involve great risk.


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