He Left.


He left today.

By he – I mean Boyfriend Crazy, who is now the Ex. I took him to his sisters’ house and dropped him off. I expected an awkward good-bye but thats not what I got. Instead he said “See ya” turned around and went in the house. It was strange.

I got home and he called me. Called to tell me that while I had been in the shower this morning he had gone through my phone and that he was sorry for having done it. Not sure what he was looking for, but I hope he found what ever it was. He said we could still be friends, but that he was hurt. It was weird being at home with out him. The house was quiet. I know its because he became part of our daily routine and now he’s missing from it, but it still feels weird.

Here’s the deal. I know I hurt him, but I did NOT do so intentionally. I feel horrible. I said “forever” and the rest of my life at the beginning. I meant it then. But I never foresaw falling out of love. While I do love him, I’m no longer in love with him.

Now I’m wondering is there really a “forever” with some one? And if there is, who is that some one? Have I already found him and discarded him? When does my forever start?

So, now its back to the daily grind sans 1. Just me and the little one.


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