This sucks, but I wouldn’t take it any other way.


I’ve finally realized that being a single parent truly sucks.

I work nights so that Monkey doesn’t have to go to day care and so that I know that she is well cared for when she is not with me. The other major reason that I work nights is because well, I just plain can’t afford day care. I was trying to work on a plan the other night so that I can move back out of my mom’s house, and live on my own. I ran into quite a few obstacles.

First, I realized that I really can’t afford more than a one bedroom apartment. Which is not SO bad, just means that Monkey and I would be crammed into a bedroom. Then it dawned on me that as long as I’m depending on some one I live with to watch Monkey, I can never live on my own because of my crazy work schedule. So then I thought about trying to switch back to a day shift position and found my self back at the day care dilemma. If I work during the day, who’s going to watch her? Would they watch her for free? Because if not, then I cant live on my own and I’d basically be working to put her in day care. No matter what I do, I simply am stuck in the situation I’m in.

Now, lets say I WAS receiving child support (I can only dream and wish that this might one day come to pass). Even 2 or 3 hundred a month would seriously cut down on the amount that I’d have to pay for child care and would possibly allow me to work day shift again. But, I’ve realized that child support from the donor may NEVER happen. He doesn’t have a job, hasn’t had one since I was about 4 months pregnant (Monkey is now 15 months old). Not only that, child support is going to be a long process through the state since he is not on her birth certificate (long story, though please know I would have put him on it had the hospital allowed me to). Not only that, they dropped my case the last time I asked for support saying that I was non-cooperative. They hadn’t even sent me any letters asking for information, so I’m still not sure why they dropped my case. It may have something to do with the fact that one of his aunts works for Child support. Well that’s my theory anyway. I have since re-applied for child support and am waiting on them to send me another packet.

But let us be perfectly clear – I enjoy every moment I am blessed to spend with my happy, healthy 15 month old. I love that I can spend all day with her and her last 2 1/2 waking hours of the day are spent with my parents. I am in no way saying that I do not enjoy her or that I do not love her. I am simply saying that this sucks, though I wouldn’t take it any other way. I get to parent her the way I feel she should be parented, I do not have to compromise with any one on anything when it comes to raising her little butt.

I have an awesome family who always rally around us when things are hard or even when things are just a bit uneasy. Because of them I’ve never truly felt the worst hardships of single parenting. I do still experience the occasional “It is nearly impossible to do this alone” break downs, but – they don’t last long because as I’ve stated, my family rallies around us and the burden is eased, if not lifted. But – I do not rely on them for financial support and try to reject it as often as possible. Her financial support is solely my responsibility – I brought her into this world and will provide for her no matter what the cost is. Thus the situation I’m in.

So, yes….

This single parenting thing sucks, but…..

I wouldn’t take it any other way.


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