That Man.


The donor. Monkey’s biological father.

I am currently at my wit’s end about him. He provides no type of support for her, in fact wants nothing to do with her. When I refused to have the abortion, he said that it would be a long, hard road for me – but he would help out where he could. We agreed then that I would not put him on child support so long as he spent time with her and provided things she needed. This worked out well – for about 2 months. Monkey is now 15 months old and since her birth he has given me maybe $200 for her care. He did buy $20 worth of baby food and 2 jumbo diapers…. when she was about 4 months old (I have since applied for child support – but the state is taking FOREVER). He was in jail when she was born, and the Department of Vital statistics rep said that I could not even so much as list him on her birth certificate with out him being present. He still has not changed that. I gave her my last name because it seemed that he had abandoned us anyway. After he got out of jail, he was adamant that I change her last name to his and I made it clear that he would need to do so – I would not. I wanted him to prove his worth of her.

He has two other amazing daughters who he sees almost daily. He is a wonderful father to them, and loves them both dearly. Here, Ladies and Gentleman, is my problem. Those girls get to know their father, get to spend time with him and have a relationship with him. Why can’t my daughter have the same?

Those first couple months of her life I would call him daily and take her to see him. I always said to him, I’ll bring her to you and pick her up, just let me know when you want her. I got really busy for a week, right after Monkey turned 3months old, I was looking for a job and had a few interviews lined up. After that week was over, I realized that he had not called me once to see her. So – instead of calling him, I decided to wait another week to see if he would call. The week passed and he didn’t call. I realized then, that I was pushing her on him. I had decided before she was born that I would not chase behind him and make him do right by her, and meant it. So I called him and explained that if he wanted to be a part of her life, he needed to make an effort. He needed to call me and let me know when he wanted to see her. My offer still stood, I’d take her to him and pick her up. All he needed to do was let me know when he wanted to see her. A month went by and besides me calling him to ask for diapers, baby food, or money for day care – we didn’t hear from him. Another month went by – and I stopped calling. He wasn’t calling anyway. I was supporting her on my own and didn’t need to beg him for what little money he could give me anyway. We argued a few times – about money, about him not spending time with her, about the injustice of it all. Halloween came and he took his other two daughters trick or treating in our parent’s neighborhood. Ladies and Gentleman, he walked right by me (I had already taken Monkey home and put her to bed) and didn’t even so much as blink. Nothing. Not “How was her first Halloween?” “Where is Monkey?” “Kiss Monkey for me.” NADA.

Her 1st birthday came around and I called to let him know about the plans – to invite him. He said he wouldn’t be coming. He didn’t want to deal with my family. We argued again. This time because I wanted to make it clear to him that this was about our daughter, not him, not me, not either of our families. He obviously didn’t go for it because he didn’t show up. His parents and sisters did – they even brought his other two children and his girlfriend’s son (which I am a little upset about – but I digress…) A couple days later I called him again – I was livid. He had missed her birthday, all her 1st year milestones, and still hadn’t even called to tell her Happy Birthday. An argument ensued – and he said he didn’t want to talk to me.

Three months later I’ve spoken to him twice and he wont budge. I’m torn, because I feel I’ve done all I can with out losing my sanity, but I feel like I should do more. Monkey is eventually going to ask questions and I’m not sure I can trust myself to be a decent person and not bash him. I don’t think its fair that the other two children get to know him and have a relationship with him, but my daughter does not. She wouldn’t know him from Adam if she saw him. What do I do? Do I keep trying to contact him for my daughters sake? Or do I leave it alone and hope like hell she doesn’t ask questions one day?

Help me out…. I’m lost….


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