Spring Cleaning


I’ve decided that I need to do some personal “Spring Cleaning” so to speak. I know I’m a tad bit early, but – this needs to happen.

First, Ms Single Mama has inspired me. She’s on a self-imposed Man Diet. I think I will follow suit. I seem to have a bad habit of picking men/boys that either need to be fixed, or are just all around “bad boys”. So – I’m going to go on a Man Diet. I’m not sure how long it will last – but for now, I’m good on men.

Second, I need to lose some weight. I’ve heard before that if you put something in writing you’ll feel more compelled to accomplish it. So – I am now going to devote at the very LEAST, 30 minutes a day to doing some type of exercise. I could set up a PT schedule for myself, but I don’t see where I would be able to devote an hour each and every day to exercise. 30 minutes is doable because I can keep Monkey entertained with either destroying her bedroom or mine.

Lastly, I am going to quit smoking. If I am going to exercise I’m going to need to be able to breathe, so – I’m going to have to quit smoking. This will be a little harder than the other two, but I need to. Not just so I can exercise – but so that I can live a little longer.

I think these two things will help me feel a little better about myself – which I could use. Feel free to cheer me on.


One Response to “Spring Cleaning”

  1. 1 Beth

    You can do it! You don’t need a gym.

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