I love my job.


I love my job. I do.

I do NOT like some of my co-workers. I have tried, really I have. Here’s the thing though – I work after-hours and on Sunday. So – when I need assistance with something I must call the person who is On-call, or the in-house techs. So say for instance on a Sunday I ran into a particularly odd issue with an alarm call and couldn’t get it figured out. What would I do? Well, call the in-house alarm tech. So I call him up and he doesn’t answer. What then? Well, call back in 20 minutes because the alarm monitoring company has only got the alarm on test for an hour and its already been about 15 minutes. 20 minutes goes by and no call back. So I call again, with no answer and leave another message. Finally I get a call back from him and he chastises me. He was in church, and is there EVERY Sunday until about noon. Well, fine. It’s great that you go to church. “Sorry to bother you” I say, “but I have a problem at Blahhhhdyblah blah #000.”
Except, I’m not sorry. Why did I just apologize?? I’m not sorry for bothering you – this is your job, and you get paid for taking these calls. If you have a problem taking these calls on Sunday, maybe you should get the company to find some one who can answer my questions on Sunday while you’re at church. I don’t care what you do when you’re not at work – but it should not effect the customer, or me. If you have other obligations, maybe you should make provisions so that you’re not inconvenienced, and so that the customer is not inconvenienced…..

Jeez. But, I really do love my job.


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