House Warmings, Fake Friends and Dead Beats.


The past weekend was generally ok. Yay for House Warming parties, Hennessy, and Paul Masson! Boo for fake friends, hosts of parties that are never around, and dead-beat dads.

First – I went to a house warming Friday night while the donor’s parents had Monkey. Paul Masson is great! I had an awesome time. Played some cards, ate some good food and got a little tipsy. Met some people who posed themselves as friends and then found out the next morning that they were not. The host of said house warming was never present more than 5 minutes at a time and barely even noticed my presence (even though he was supposedly interested in dating me – I’m rolling my eyes here because dude seemed like he had it together and may have been worth my time. He does not, and is not.) I also made a bad decision ( I think the alcohol may or may not have helped me make – leaning more towards may have here) and stopped by the donor’s house on my way home to see if I could get him to talk to me. A couple threats (from him) and some shouting (also him) later, no talking happened and I meandered home.

Second. The donor’s parents had Monkey Friday night, as previously mentioned. All well and good. I knew that they were going to take her to see some of their family and probably take her to see the donor. After I stopped by his house I knew that they had taken her by there – but was not aware of what had happened during said visit. I went to pick her up and talked to the donor’s dad for a little while and found out that they had taken her over there with the intentions of getting him to hang out with her for an hour or so. Fine by me. Well – they got there and he had his other two children, who of course came running out to see Tandy and Papa. They saw the baby, and were fawning over her as they usually do when they get to see her. The donor found out that the baby was in the car and made the girls go inside, and told his parents he was going inside. He indeed went inside and sent his girlfriend out to tell his parents that he did not want to see MY daughter. WTF????? He is truly an ass. I knew that when I stopped by his house that he probably wasn’t going to talk to me – and that was a risk that I was willing to take, I just wanted to plead Monkey’s case to him once more (I am now OFFICIALLY done trying). Seriously, how can anyone look at a child that they’ve helped create and NOT claim them or want to be around them? I’m past the stage where it hurt me. It’s just not fair that he won’t let Monkey’s sisters get to know her ( and those little girls are heartbreakingly in love with her) and that he won’t even give her the chance at having a relationship with him like the other two do. Amazing that someone who claims he loves his children more than life only takes care of the two children who’s mother cheated on him, gave him an STD, stole all his money, and doesn’t press him to act like an adult and get a job. Which by the way, ladies and gentleman, he does now have. His girlfriend shared that little tid-bit of info with me when I stopped by – before he started shouting threats and yelling.

Speaking of supporting and taking care of children – I wonder what is taking Child Support so damn LONG????? It’s been about 3 weeks since I sent them my second application, and I haven’t even so much as gotten a letter letting me know that they’ve gotten the application or that they’re doing anything. It’s really starting to get frustrating, because I need that extra help. WIC and my paycheck’s cover us – but just barely. And I’m now having to pay for her insurance because according to Medicaid, I make too much for her to qualify for full coverage under Florida Medicaid. Ladies and Gentleman, make no mistake, I make a decent amount hourly – but there’s NO WAY that 40 hours a week on my pay is going to cover a monthly premium for the two of us with a regular insurance company.

I can’t remember why I even started dating him to begin with now…..


2 Responses to “House Warmings, Fake Friends and Dead Beats.”

  1. 1 Curtain Call

    Im tellin ur preacher grandpa… for a small fee this will be just between the two of us.. ka ching

    • 2 mamacrazy0786

      I don got nuthin V. I guess he gonna find out!

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