Terrible Twos – and we haven’t even made it to Two.


Why didn’t any one tell me that the Terrible Two’s starts WAY before the child actually reaches two? This would have been good info to have so that I could have mentally prepared myself.

I should have known that because Monkey was an absolute angel for her first 11 or 12 months of life that afterwards she was going to be more than a handful. I now have a head strong, stubborn, and mischievous 16 month old on my hands and I may just pull my hair out, or need to be placed in a padded room very soon.

NO, Don’t do that, No Ma’am, You may Not, and I’ll tan your little hide have absolutely no effect on the child (the last one may not work because she knows I wont actually do any hide tanning). We seem to be past the biting – which I’m ecstatic about (especially since I bit her back and thought it had no effect on her). But she is constantly trying to get into stuff or do things she know she shouldn’t be. Like taking the toilet scrubber out of its holder and waving it around, or unplugging a lamp and trying to plug it back in. No amount of redirection works, and popping her hand doesn’t cut it either. I’ve taken to shutting all the doors I possibly can and hiding as many outlets as possible and then gating her between our rooms. But she’ll still turn off the TV or open all the drawers on my dresser and remove the clothing from them.

So just when do these Terrible Twos end? Because if they don’t end soon she may not actually make it to two (I joke, I kid -but for serious, I’m losing it). And any ideas on better ways to keep her from making me insane would be greatly appreciated.


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