The Army


The bestie got an email from a SFC (Sergeant First Class) in the Army today. The email informed her that she could either deploy or go reserves. Technically, she is still a reservist, but she’s inactive. Meaning that she’s only part of the Army on paper. By going reserves they mean that they want her to report to a unit and drill with them occasionally.

My heart aches for her because I know that one way or another she may have to deploy anyway and leave her 2 year old daughter behind. She’s working on a situation that may keep her from having to deploy, yet assigning her to a unit that is reserves, but full time. Meaning that she’ll be getting full benefits from the Army (pay, Tricare, and other various benefits). However, the unit is in Alabama, on Redstone Arsenal (Huntsville, Alabama – where we vacationed in January). I have decided that until we have more definite info on the situation, I’m going to work on getting cleared for duty by a civilian doctor. Once I’ve got that completed, I’m going to get back in the Army. The connection she has on Redstone may be able to help me get an assignment with a unit there too – thus, putting me on Redstone with her. I still haven’t heard anything from when I submitted a packet for re-enlisting in October. But I think it’s due to the fact that the Army would have to pony up some money to get me cleared for duty. So – if I cross those hurdles and can present them with the paper work I think things may progress a little quicker and more favorably.

Other news – The Monkey is a Social Creature. Be warned – that link goes to a post with some unbearably CUTE pictures.


2 Responses to “The Army”

  1. 1 Nicole

    I’m curious about whether they haven’t responded because you’re a single mom?
    I tried to enlist here (Canada) and was told I couldn’t because I was a single parent with full custody.

    • 2 mamacrazy0786

      No – the single mom issue really is non-existant for me. I sort of found a way around it.

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