Small Victories


Nothing much new.

We saw Monkey’s donors sister Sunday. She was all excited to see the little one. She was so amazed that Monkey has manners. “Well of course she has manners – you don’t think I’m just going to let her run around here and not say please, thank you, sir or ma’am – do you?” The reply was “Well, the other two don’t (the other two being her donor’s older children) – but then he doesn’t have anything to do with raising Monkey, so I guess she’ll turn out all right.” And apparently my 16 month old is so well behaved that it’s just “amazing! You tell her to do something, and she does it!” ( Well, yeah – I do have like THE angel baby)
One small victory for me! YES!

Still waiting on something from child support. I wish they’d send me something. Even if they just send some thing saying that they’re not going to give me child support for some reason or another. That way I could stop hoping for what “could be…”

I finally found some one who can keep Monkey for me during the day for what I can afford – and I went to high school with her. She has two kids of her own, and she’s a pretty awesome parent. I sent the email to my manager tonight asking about moving back to a day position – while also making it very clear that I don’t want to leave the company and that I’ll stay in my shift if need be, no sweat.

Here’s hoping that I can be spared to go back to a day slot…..


2 Responses to “Small Victories”

  1. Hahaha I often wonder if this same situation would happen with my son. I have met my BD’s other son and he seemed like a very nice boy. But BD and the BM kept gloating about how wonderful and abnormally smart he is to encourage me that doing drugs while pregnant would not hinder the baby as it did not hinder theirs.

    I wonder if there will ever be anything bout my son that will just be like “BAM!IN YO FACE! YOU WERE WRONG! MY MAMA DID GOOD WITH ME!”


  2. There will be one day. And when that day comes BD will want to claim some responsibility for it and will have no right to and you or your son will be able to call him out on it. That’s the day I’m waiting on!

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