Closing Chapters


Dear “King”,

Writing you letters has always been odd for me, so I’m going to skip the whole intro paragraph and just jump into why I’m writing you. I’ve decided that there are some chapters in my life that I need to close in order to be able to move on and be a happy person. You, incidentally, happen to be one of those chapters.
You keep me wrapped up in you with the occasional phone calls, the random text messages and the even fewer and farther between MySpace messages. The thing is, I know that you’re not really committed to me. You never were. It’s taken me almost 4 years to realize it. I think you just enjoy knowing that you’ve got me all wrapped up in you and that I’d do almost anything for you. But lately, I’m starting to realize that your love was superficial and only something you showed when we were alone. Otherwise, the only time you even acted like we were in a committed relationship was to show your boys that you could tell me to jump and I’d ask how high. I was committed 110% – everything I had I gave.
I need you to leave me alone – stop calling, texting, and stop sending me messages on MySpace. I can’t move on if you keep exerting your presence. I need to move on so that I can be happy. So that some one who deserves my love can have it. So that some one can love me, too. You taught me a lot, but – the best thing you ever taught me was to value love.
Please, just stay away. Find some one else to play your games with. Or maybe, you could grow up. But I’ll miss you, and it will hurt for a little while, but I need to move on.



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