That Makes 2 This Week!


I got a call from my boss today – about the email I wrote him yesterday concerning moving to a day shift position. At first, I was a little freaked out because it was him and the HR lady calling. I thought “Oh god, I’m losing my job. Shit.”

Then, “We were just calling because we wanted to clarify a couple things – well really only one but, if we were unable to find you a position during day shift, would you still be able to work nights?”

Me: “Of course! I’m only asking because my peace of mind would be easier if I worked days, and because I don’t want to have to find some one else to watch my daughter at night”

My Boss: “Ok, well – we think that you could do great things for the company in a day position, now we just need to find one that fits your capacity.”

Me: “That is so awesome S****! Really! I had hoped that you wouldn’t take anything in the email the wrong way. I am by no means looking to leave the company – in fact I truly enjoy working at The Company – I’ve learned so much there. But yeah, I’d love to move back to a day slot!”

Boss: “Ok, we’ll keep you updated. But we are trying to find you something.”

Me: “Thanks!”

Uhm, HELLS YEAH! Another victory! Make that 2 for this week, Thank-You-Very-Much!


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