Of Good Friends, Good Drinks, Phones, and Men


I had a pretty good weekend. Really – I did. How was yours?

An old friend from high school found me on Facebook (you know, the account that I vowed to delete because they were banning pictures of mothers breastfeeding) last week, and we decided to hang out Friday evening, kids in tow. She’s got two, and if you count her incredibly adorable hubby – three. But we hung out at their house (NICE, by the way) and ate, talked, drank, and let the girls run around and be little kids (Both of her girls and Monkey were FILTHY by the end of the night). It was nice to hang out with other people who have kids. The Bestie and her other half joined us eventually, sans her little one, and more drinking and talking ensued. Great friends were met, good times and drinks were had. It will be happening again. Said friend will here after be known as BrightEyes – because I swear she’s got the brightest eyes, which light up even more when she smiles, and she smiles often (read: all the time). BrightEyes and I took the kids to the mall Saturday, and wandered around for a couple hours. We talked and generally enjoyed ourselves.

Also….Sort of, kind of, met a guy, whom we’ll call Dennis. I say sort of, kind of, because we met through an application on Facebook. But we’ve been emailing for a while and Dennis is – for lack of a better word pretty AWESOME. But as with all awesome men, there is a down fall. He’s in Turkey (not Turkish, he’s there with the Air Force) and then when he PCS’s later this year, he’ll be going to England. It sucks, but there’s not much to be done about it. I can’t say I’m all heart-broken over it, because that would be lying, dear Interwebs. But, it would have been nice. He’ll be stateside for two weeks in about two months, and we’ve planned on meeting then. So that’s a little exciting, but at the same time, I can’t help but wonder why I’m putting myself in a situation where I might *possibly* (read: there’s a SLIGHT chance, but not a stalker, clingy, psycho chance) get attached. But I also know that just about EVERYTHING in my life happens for a reason. So I know there’s a reason for this. I just need to be patient and let God reveal it to me. Long distance relationships are hard enough in the same country. I can’t imagine the obstacles for an overseas long distance relationship. Not to say that in some cases that its not worth it, because I’m sure it is. Passports, money, vacation time….. Those are just a few of the things that come to my mind as being obstacles. I suppose though, that at the very least, I’ve found myself a pretty awesome friend. One that is definitely worth visiting Turkey, or England – should I ever decide to apply for a passport for me and Monkey.

Still haven’t heard anything about moving to a day shift – I think that my Boss may just have been humoring me. Making me think that he wanted to give me a day position. I don’t know. I suppose we’ll see.

Also, I’m still waiting on the IRS to decide to send me my tax refund. I filed January 26th and it is now March 29th. My mom filed last Sunday and got her money back Friday. The bestie filed two weeks after I did and had her money back less than a week later. It’s ridiculous. I’m supposed to have it tomorrow this time, so maybe I’ll have it and I can start shopping! (Insert maniacal laughter here – I’ll have lots of money to spend and not feel guilty about spending it) I’m getting a new phone – and I’m a little giddy about it. I originally wanted an iPhone, but the pricing is just way out of my comfort zone (even with my tax money coming) because I’m not due for an upgrade until November, and the iPhone has a serious flaw, Interwebs. It does not receive picture mail. This, is a problem for me. The only thing that I don’t think that the Eternity has is the millions of applications the iPhone does. But that’s OK – I’d go broke buying the stupid applications. Besides, the Eternity is still a touch screen, and can access the internet. Which means that I can post and do all of the other random things I do on the internet while I’m away from my computer. YAY. But – I’m seriously excited about the phone. I just need the IRS to send me my money.


One Response to “Of Good Friends, Good Drinks, Phones, and Men”

  1. I’m posting a comment that Dennis sent to my phone via Skype.

    “Turkey, no. England – would gladly accept you going there with your munchkin Monkey. You two have a good day”

    Too cute.

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