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I thought I was over being lonely. Thought I was over needing to be in a relationship. Over needing to be some one’s other half. Not so much, apparently. I lie awake in my bed when I go home from work and miss some one I’ve never met because I hate to sleep alone, and […]

Instead of being incredibly bitter about the situation that Monkey’s biological has put us in by deciding to be an absent parent – I’ve decided to see the positive in the situation. I don’t have to co-parent with anyone. All decisions regarding raising Monkey are made by me – and only me. I get to […]

Last Friday, I got a call from the HR lady informing me that they were getting ready to hire for our busy season – day shift positions, and that she’d like to offer me one. I accepted then and there – excited that I FINALLY was going to move to better hours. Then, I spent […]

2 Week Recap


Because the last two weeks I haven’t posted. The Monkey and I spent pretty much all last week sick. Yuck. Luckily, we’re over it now. First – Friday, April 3d was spent at BrightEyes. I’m thinking this is the new Friday routine. This Friday the Bestie joined us with the GodBaby, and sans her man. […]