2 Week Recap


Because the last two weeks I haven’t posted.

The Monkey and I spent pretty much all last week sick. Yuck. Luckily, we’re over it now.

First – Friday, April 3d was spent at BrightEyes. I’m thinking this is the new Friday routine. This Friday the Bestie joined us with the GodBaby, and sans her man. Good drinks and Good food! Yay! Nothing much happened – but we were joined by a incredibly hilarious guy who’s chosen the nickname Ssuper (not a typo). Also – I was informed by BrightEyes husband that he is anything but incredibly adorable, so I have to change what I call him. I’ll stick with a name he already has – Uncle Will the Chinaman, hereafter called Chinaman for short. Ha!

Last week Gigi and Baboo were on vacation – and spent most of their week sick too. But it was nice to hang out with them. I did get some extra sleep, thanks to Baboo who agreed to hang out with Monkey for a little while so I could take a much needed nap.

Friday, April 10th was Ladies night for the Bestie, BrightEyes and I. We went to a Suns game, sans children and men (like I have one to be without) and had a GRAND time. Ha. Our night ended kind of badly, but it’s ok now. There’s talk of another ladies night soon, so maybe another Sun’s game? Or maybe just a night out to eat and putt-putt golf. We’ll see.

Saturday was just BrightEyes, our 3 monkies, and I. We got the girls down at a decent hour and the two of us hung out on the couch eating italian meatballs and chocolate dipped strawberries, drinking sweet tea with sweet tea flavored vodka (who knew????)

Sunday- Easter was a gentle (read: Boring) day. We didn’t do much. Hung out with Gigi and cooked. GOOD GOOD FOOD. Fresh green beans with ham hocks and new potatoes, stewed fresh yellow squash, deviled eggs, and ham. YUM.

This week promises to be just as boring as usual – but hey at least there’s no potential for drama!


One Response to “2 Week Recap”

  1. 1 Beth

    Sounds heavenly and sounds like you have a wonderful time!

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