Who Needs Sleep Anyway?


Last Friday, I got a call from the HR lady informing me that they were getting ready to hire for our busy season – day shift positions, and that she’d like to offer me one. I accepted then and there – excited that I FINALLY was going to move to better hours.

Then, I spent all weekend thinking out the logistics of it. The position offered to me was one I’ve already conqured with this company. I didn’t really enjoy it. When I moved to the night shift, I truly began to enjoy the work I do, and then began to truly love the company I work for. I also realized that if I move to a day position that I’d be sacrificing the amazing amount of time I get to spend with Monkey (not to mention $200 every two weeks to the baby sitter). The more I thought about it, the worse the idea sounded. I’m not sure why I didn’t think it through all the way, but I guess I was just stressed out with the lack of sleep and the lack of human (adult) interaction. So, Monday morning I called the HR lady back and told her that while I greatly appreciated the offer, I’d rather work crappy hours and love what I do than work better hours and hate my job. She sounded relieved that she wouldn’t have to find some one to cover my shift.

More and more, as a single mom I’m finding out that there’s a lot that I have to sacrifice in order to make life better for Monkey. But I’m also finding out that I don’t even care that I’m sacrificing sleep and my social life (among other things, like dating).


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