Why I’m happy to be a Single Mother


Instead of being incredibly bitter about the situation that Monkey’s biological has put us in by deciding to be an absent parent – I’ve decided to see the positive in the situation.

I don’t have to co-parent with anyone. All decisions regarding raising Monkey are made by me – and only me. I get to decide when she potty trains. I get to decide when she does everything. I don’t have to check with another parent about anything.

I get to take all the credit when she does anything amazing (the flip side to this situation is anything that she does wrong is also a reflection on me – but oh well.) I get to take credit for the fact that she is an incredibly HAPPY little girl. And incredibly smart.

I’m the person she cries for when she’s hurt, unhappy, and all of the various other things that children need their parents for. It still melts my heart every time she says “Mamao” (because my child is strange, and calls me Mamao, instead of mama or mommy).

I’ll be the person thats there for her through everything. And I hope that later in life that I’ll be the person that she comes to when she wants to talk about things. I want to be her mom and her confidant. Much like my mom has become my friend.


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