Summer in Florida


Ok, so the title has nothing to do with the post, but I was feeling extra random at the moment.
Things have been a little crazy lately and I either haven’t had the time to post, or just haven’t felt like it.

But here are the updates that I’ve been meaning to post…. I will officially begin school August 31st. All of my classes start that week. I just need to remember to get down to the school some time soon and defer payment until the end of September when my GI bill should finally kick in and pay for my classes. Not sure when I’ll start getting my housing allowance, but I’m hoping it will be the beginning of September – I’m still looking at the house, and really want it. I need to talk to a VA counselor again about my benefits, but none of them seem to know much of anything.

Monkey is all of a sudden putting two words together, forming little half sentences. It’s awesome. But that means full-fledged sentences are not far behind, and they say once they start talking the only time you get any peace is when the kid is sleeping. Great (insert eye roll here).

Mother’s day was a decent day. Little Bruh watched the baby on and off so I could get some stuff done, which was awesome. I washed my car, mucked out the little pond in the front and got some goldfish for it, and I cleaned out my fish tank.

Not much else is new – but I’ll be posting more frequently. I’ve finally got wordpress figured out. I want a more customized appearance, but I’m not ready to pay anyone to do it, so this will do for now.


2 Responses to “Summer in Florida”

  1. 1 Nicole


    James doesn’t talk much except for small half sentences too but after I put him in bed at night I can hear him for another good 10 minutes “nuh night mama, nuh night mama” over and over again lol
    So I’m not too sure about the peace and quiet after bedtime thing… lol

    • 2 mamacrazy0786

      Lol – Mine is pretty awesome about bedtime. As long as you sing to her before you actually put her in the crib she goes down like a champ and is good to go for the night. How old is James?

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