Do Monkies even use potties???


So my mom calls me the other night (while I’m at work) and says, “You have to potty train Monkey.”
I tell her I know, and I’ll do it when she’s ready but then she says, “She’s ready now.” I’m flabbergasted because I just spent all day with the kid and I didn’t see any signs that she was ready but instead of telling my mom that she’s nuts and hanging up I ask her politely if she’d like to explain how she knows.

“She just brought me a diaper and told me ‘ew’, and she had pooped. She doesn’t like to be dirty, or wet” Since that incident, every time Monkey’s diaper is dirty, or wet she follows me around and says “Ewww” until I change her diaper. And the “eww’s” get progressively louder. As excited as I am about the idea of not having to buy anymore diapers – I am completely daunted by the idea of potty training.

She sits on the potty, but just looks at me like I’m crazy. I run the water for her, I tell her she’s supposed to eww on the potty, since she doesn’t like to wear dirty diapers, but nothing yet. I’m not ready to do the naked thing but pull ups and taking her to the potty every hour don’t seem to be doing the trick.

Potty training bites, people. Potty training bites.


3 Responses to “Do Monkies even use potties???”

  1. 1 Nicole

    My son isn’t ready for the potty yet either but he comes up to me and grabs at his diaper when it’s dirty so I will change him.
    He doesn’t like to sit on the potty unless he already has a diaper on which totally defeats the purpose but I can’t wait for him to be ready! lol
    I’ve done the naked thing, which isn’t so bad except that he’s peed in my purse and on a pair of suede boots. But he’s a boy and has no concept of “aim” so I can’t blame him lol
    Other than that it’s gone well. He at least let me know he had to pee before he did, which sent me into a frenzy looking for the potty! So I’ve invested in another, to keep in the playroom, just in case.

    Good luck! 🙂

    • 2 mamacrazy0786

      I think part of my problem is that I have very little patience for potty training. And to make matters worse, it seems like ALL of Monkey’s teeth are coming in at one time. I’ve backed off on the potty training for now, simply because I can’t deal with the whining and crying from teething AND potty training. One battle at a time…..One at a time….

  2. 3 Brie

    Just found your blog. Still working on the potty training but we are mostly there. We did the naked thing for a week, no going out but it was winter and too cold to go out anyway. Then you just have to accept that the kid is going to pee their underwear. On the upside they will hate that and it will encourage them to use the potty.
    Good luck!

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