Confessions of a Bad Mother


Confession #8
I laugh at Monkey when she throws temper tantrums. Actually, I tell her how stupid she looks screaming, kicking and stomping around, and then I laugh at her.

Confession #9
I give Monkey sweet tea, fruit punch, and soda if we go out to eat.

Confession #10
When she asks for “daddy” I almost always whisper under my breath that she doesn’t have one. (She’s never called any man daddy, so I don’t really think that she knows what the word means. I know she picked it up from BrightEye’s girls though. I think this may actually be my worst offense yet…)

Confession #11
I let her Baby Einstein’s My First Signs video and Backyardigans videos babysit her so I can shower alone occasionally.

See my previous confessions here and here.


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