When did you become a Kid?


All of a sudden, Monkey is no longer a baby – she’s a damn kid. I swear the shit happened over-night, because she’s all of a sudden using little half sentences instead of just pointing and saying the word and I don’t remember her doing that last week. Where the hell did time go???

We were in the kitchen while I was getting her some juice, and I was pulling the milk out of the fridge, because the juice was behind it and all of a sudden she points at the milk and says “Mamao, want that”. So I poured her a cup of milk and didn’t think about it until I was putting the milk back in the fridge and then I looked at her like “WTF? Did you just use a half sentence? When the hell did you become a kid????”

She’s also pretty smart too. We were hanging out at The Boyfriend’s house, and she kept picking stuff up off the table, and when we’d tell her to put it back, she’d put it back the same way it was before she touched it. And we were at The Bestie’s parents house hanging out by the pool and she picked up a round- floaty-tube thing from under a beach ball and ran around with it for a while. But when she was done with it, she put it back where she got it from and put the ball back in the center of the tube, exactly how she found it. Crazy.

Seriously, I want to know where time went. Because I swear it was just yesterday that I was bringing her little yellow behind (the doctors said she was a little jaundiced, but I don’t think they realize that my tan, is not a sun tan, its my natural skin color and her donor is pasty…) home from the hospital. She could barely even open her eyes. Now she’s a damn kid. Walking, talking (talking back already too), all that good stuff…..


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