Honest Scrap Award


I checked one of my favorite blogs today, and noticed that she had tagged me for an award! The Honest Scrap Award. Yay! Here’s what it’s all about:

“The Honest Scrap award is given by other bloggers who consider a blog’s content or design to be brilliant.  The awardee must then post ten honest things about themselves and pass the award on to other bloggers who fit the bill – in other words, whose blog is brilliant.”

I’m not sure who I’ll be tagging yet, but…. I’ll figure it out. Anyway, with out further ado, here’s my list of 10 honest things.

1. I was molested as a child. By my brother’s father. I’ve dealt with it, and am moving on.

2. I have been married, and few people know this. It was a bad idea, and quickly annulled.

3. I absolutely hate sleeping alone. Seriously. I have like 12 pillows so that it feels like there’s another body in the bed with me.

4. There are days when I wish I was not a mother. Sometimes I just want to be free and not have to worry about any one but me.

5. I am incredibly irresponsible with money. Don’t get me wrong here though, I make sure the bills and rent get paid, but any extra money…. Well, it just goes down the drain.

6. I have like 4 friends. Real shit. And I’m completely ok with that.

7. I’m at work right now, and should be doing something constructive with my time. Like, say,….. Working.

8. I have a horrible habit of falling too fast, and too hard when I get in relationships. Good thing I’m not often in them.

9. My mother and I have a love/hate relationship. We love each other when we are not living in the same house.

10. I blog because I need an outlet for the things that I feel like I can’t say out loud. And because sometimes, I like to talk to myself and if I do it in a blog post I don’t seem as crazy as if I were actually talking to myself.

Ok…. So now, for tagging others…..

Uhm, lets see…..



I can’t think of anyone else right now, so as soon as I do, I’ll update.


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