It’s the Little Things


All of a sudden, The Monkey likes to cuddle when she’s sleepy.

All my bills are caught up – and I have food in the fridge.

I’m finally comfortable enough with my self that I can sit in my apartment in silence, and not be itching to be somewhere else.

I learned this week that if it’s not going to matter tomorrow, next week, or next month – it’s just NOT worth arguing about.


2 Responses to “It’s the Little Things”

  1. I’m feeling good about 1 and 2 myself, but I haven’t quite gotten there with #3 Since I had the baby, and about 3/4 into my pregnancy I’ve been feeling lonlier than and my quiet apartment bothers me. I’m starting to wish I had someone else here, not just the baby because for now he doesn’t talk back. Sometimes he’s enough but not always! 😦

    • It was a long road to get where I’m at Bridgette. And I can assure you that it was NOT easy. I did my share of crying, and pretending that it didn’t matter that I was alone. You just have to get your self through the day. Sometimes, you just have to get your self through the next hour. I know the road ahead of you is not easy, but you do have support!!! You have my email address too if you ever need to vent or anything else!!!

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