Monkies and Cribs.


The other day I put the Monkey down for her nap and decided to go lay down too. Probably a bad idea. Well about 20 minutes after I had put her in the crib I guess she decided that she was done napping and was ready to play. Do you see where this is headed?

Well, in the process of her trying to climb out of the crib, she got her WHOLE knee stuck in the slats. Uhm, just in case you didn’t know, my kid is kinda chunky ( I LOVE IT! She’s not overweight for her age or size, but she has some seriously JUICY thighs.) so her knee being stuck was crazy. She started screaming bloody murder and I went in there to find out why and was shocked to see her knee in the slats. I got her out ( with no bruises or broken bones, YAY) and decided that it was time to take the crib down. She was obviously done with it. I took it down right then. We don’t have a toddler bed yet, but my parents are building her a platform bed to the size of her mattress (coolest thing ever, no?!!)

I expected bedtime that night to be a long drawn out fight. To my amazement however, when I put homegirl in bed and told her night night, she said it back and stayed in place. I went in to check on her about 20 minutes later and she was passed the hell out and hadn’t moved from the spot I laid her in! She didn’t get out of bed until I went in the next morning!!! No problems last night either. I’m so excited! Now that I’ve written this though, I’ve probably jinxed myself and will have to fight with her to get her to go to bed tonight. Oh well.

How’s your day???


One Response to “Monkies and Cribs.”

  1. 1 Nicole

    It’s so awesome once they’re in their “big girl/boy” beds and love it so much they decide to sleep the whole night!

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