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I’ve been so swamped with homework the last couple days I haven’t posted every day or every other day like I’ve been wanting to. Oops. Plus I haven’t really had anything interesting to post. There’s alot of drama going on in my relationship lately, and it sucks. I don’t really want to write too much […]

Over the last few years I’ve been in quite a few tumultuous relationships. All ended badly (can relationships end any other way?). So I had begun wondering what I had done in a past life or what karmic sin I had committed to chronically end up in bad relationships. Or what was I supposed to […]

Smile for me…


“I just want to see you smiling, with the chimp in hand” he says. (He’s talking about Monkey – he calls her the chimp) It brought the hugest smile to my face, one that I wish he could have seen. We’ve never physically met. We’ve been chatting and emailing for almost 3 months now, but […]

I thought I was over being lonely. Thought I was over needing to be in a relationship. Over needing to be some one’s other half. Not so much, apparently. I lie awake in my bed when I go home from work and miss some one I’ve never met because I hate to sleep alone, and […]

Dear “King”, Writing you letters has always been odd for me, so I’m going to skip the whole intro paragraph and just jump into why I’m writing you. I’ve decided that there are some chapters in my life that I need to close in order to be able to move on and be a happy […]

The past weekend was generally ok. Yay for House Warming parties, Hennessy, and Paul Masson! Boo for fake friends, hosts of parties that are never around, and dead-beat dads. First – I went to a house warming Friday night while the donor’s parents had Monkey. Paul Masson is great! I had an awesome time. Played […]

Friday afternoon, Monkey and I paid a visit to my Trinidadian Mother and Grandmother. It was overall a good visit – but I must share part of the visit with you. I’m sincerely amazed with myself for bringing one of our subjects of discussion up – and then whole-heartedly deciding to submit my self to […]