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In honor of all the single moms out there raising their kids on their own, Happy Father’s Day!!!! You’ll be a better father than he ever could be. Don’t feel guilty that your child doesn’t have a father to spend father’s day with. They’re better off with no father than a part-time/convenient-for-them-dad anyway. In honor […]

Moving day


Quick post, and then I’m off to bed. I have to work in the morning and then take my dad to dinner afterward. So, I finally decided to get off my happy ass and get an apartment. I knew before starting that the process could possibly take for-fucking-ever because I have shitty credit (working on […]

Over the last few years I’ve been in quite a few tumultuous relationships. All ended badly (can relationships end any other way?). So I had begun wondering what I had done in a past life or what karmic sin I had committed to chronically end up in bad relationships. Or what was I supposed to […]

I had such high hopes for this weekend and ended up doing abso-fucking-lutely nothing. I realized this last night at 9pm while I was laying in bed watching a movie. A chick flick actually (Bride Wars). I was all “What the fuck am I doing laying in bed at 9pm on a Saturday night? Oh […]

So my mom calls me the other night (while I’m at work) and says, “You have to potty train Monkey.” I tell her I know, and I’ll do it when she’s ready but then she says, “She’s ready now.” I’m flabbergasted because I just spent all day with the kid and I didn’t see any […]

So much for me posting more often huh? I’ll be getting better about posting soon, I finally got my laptop and we got our wireless situation worked out so I can post during the day. I’m off for a small vacation this weekend to my aunt’s house in North Carolina. I’ll try to get some […]

Ok, so the title has nothing to do with the post, but I was feeling extra random at the moment. Things have been a little crazy lately and I either haven’t had the time to post, or just haven’t felt like it. But here are the updates that I’ve been meaning to post…. I will […]