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The past weekend was generally ok. Yay for House Warming parties, Hennessy, and Paul Masson! Boo for fake friends, hosts of parties that are never around, and dead-beat dads. First – I went to a house warming Friday night while the donor’s parents had Monkey. Paul Masson is great! I had an awesome time. Played […]

That Man.


The donor. Monkey’s biological father. I am currently at my wit’s end about him. He provides no type of support for her, in fact wants nothing to do with her. When I refused to have the abortion, he said that it would be a long, hard road for me – but he would help out […]

I’ve finally realized that being a single parent truly sucks. I work nights so that Monkey doesn’t have to go to day care and so that I know that she is well cared for when she is not with me. The other major reason that I work nights is because well, I just plain can’t […]