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Confession #8 I laugh at Monkey when she throws temper tantrums. Actually, I tell her how stupid she looks screaming, kicking and stomping around, and then I laugh at her. Confession #9 I give Monkey sweet tea, fruit punch, and soda if we go out to eat. Confession #10 When she asks for “daddy” I […]

Moments like thisand this …make me forget that she’s become a very headstrong, independent, and down right stubborn child. Confession #8 – I can’t wait for Summer to be here in all it’s glory so that I can put Monkey in too-short toddler shorts and tank tops!

Confession #7 I am scared to death of potty training Monkey. Can I just leaver her in diapers until she’s old enough to figure it out on her own?

I must confess some things, because if I don’t my head will get all clogged up with the things that I can never say out loud. First – I love Monkey, and wouldn’t give her up to save my life, but God help me. She is DRIVING ME INSANE. She’s going through her Terrible 2’s […]