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Why didn’t any one tell me that the Terrible Two’s starts WAY before the child actually reaches two? This would have been good info to have so that I could have mentally prepared myself. I should have known that because Monkey was an absolute angel for her first 11 or 12 months of life that […]

Moments like thisand this …make me forget that she’s become a very headstrong, independent, and down right stubborn child. Confession #8 – I can’t wait for Summer to be here in all it’s glory so that I can put Monkey in too-short toddler shorts and tank tops!



Is the father of your child (the one you have custody of) really a single parent, if he does no actual parenting??????? A: I think NOT.

Confession #7 I am scared to death of potty training Monkey. Can I just leaver her in diapers until she’s old enough to figure it out on her own?

I must confess some things, because if I don’t my head will get all clogged up with the things that I can never say out loud. First – I love Monkey, and wouldn’t give her up to save my life, but God help me. She is DRIVING ME INSANE. She’s going through her Terrible 2’s […]

That Man.


The donor. Monkey’s biological father. I am currently at my wit’s end about him. He provides no type of support for her, in fact wants nothing to do with her. When I refused to have the abortion, he said that it would be a long, hard road for me – but he would help out […]

Friday afternoon, Monkey and I paid a visit to my Trinidadian Mother and Grandmother. It was overall a good visit – but I must share part of the visit with you. I’m sincerely amazed with myself for bringing one of our subjects of discussion up – and then whole-heartedly deciding to submit my self to […]