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So much for me posting more often huh? I’ll be getting better about posting soon, I finally got my laptop and we got our wireless situation worked out so I can post during the day. I’m off for a small vacation this weekend to my aunt’s house in North Carolina. I’ll try to get some […]

Smile for me…


“I just want to see you smiling, with the chimp in hand” he says. (He’s talking about Monkey – he calls her the chimp) It brought the hugest smile to my face, one that I wish he could have seen. We’ve never physically met. We’ve been chatting and emailing for almost 3 months now, but […]

I’m back from vacation!First – overwhelming response to my who’s reading post. Really….. Vacation was awesome. Alabama is like a different country. The people there are all so friendly and chatty. I kind of wish (read: do wish) I was still there – except for with Baby Crazy. I enjoyed 4 days in an RV […]

Vacation starts today people! I am excited. I need a break. I need to get away and forget about everything for a couple days. I won’t like my bank account when I come home – but hey, you only live once right??? There are some plans for the vacation (which defeats the purpose of vacation […]



I had all these wonderful ideas for posts this weekend while I was ignoring my poor blogs – and now I’ve lost them. That’s what I get for ignoring the poor things. No clue as to where all the ideas have gone, but maybe they’ll come back some day. So since I can’t think of […]