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Why didn’t any one tell me that the Terrible Two’s starts WAY before the child actually reaches two? This would have been good info to have so that I could have mentally prepared myself. I should have known that because Monkey was an absolute angel for her first 11 or 12 months of life that […]

The past weekend was generally ok. Yay for House Warming parties, Hennessy, and Paul Masson! Boo for fake friends, hosts of parties that are never around, and dead-beat dads. First – I went to a house warming Friday night while the donor’s parents had Monkey. Paul Masson is great! I had an awesome time. Played […]

I love my job.


I love my job. I do. I do NOT like some of my co-workers. I have tried, really I have. Here’s the thing though – I work after-hours and on Sunday. So – when I need assistance with something I must call the person who is On-call, or the in-house techs. So say for instance […]



I’m in a situation that I don’t know how to handle – and I need to vent…. So – when I got with my current man – I was CONVINCED that he was my last, my one, my only. But…. I guess I wanted what that represented so badly I made myself believe that there […]

First Post….


First Post to a new blog….. Seems I never know what I want to say….. Ok. So then here it is – I’ll be using this blog to vent, share randomness – anything really. I’ll be posting alot – and often more than likely. I do have another blog – I use that one to […]