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New Stuff


Ok, so it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted. I’ve been REALLY busy. So here’s the update: I got laid off from my job, I’m now a full time student, I have my own apartment, my boyfriend is living with me now. Details? Oh, ok. I suppose. I got laid off simply because the […]

Last Friday, I got a call from the HR lady informing me that they were getting ready to hire for our busy season – day shift positions, and that she’d like to offer me one. I accepted then and there – excited that I FINALLY was going to move to better hours. Then, I spent […]

I had a pretty good weekend. Really – I did. How was yours? An old friend from high school found me on Facebook (you know, the account that I vowed to delete because they were banning pictures of mothers breastfeeding) last week, and we decided to hang out Friday evening, kids in tow. She’s got […]

I got a call from my boss today – about the email I wrote him yesterday concerning moving to a day shift position. At first, I was a little freaked out because it was him and the HR lady calling. I thought “Oh god, I’m losing my job. Shit.” Then, “We were just calling because […]

Small Victories


Nothing much new. We saw Monkey’s donors sister Sunday. She was all excited to see the little one. She was so amazed that Monkey has manners. “Well of course she has manners – you don’t think I’m just going to let her run around here and not say please, thank you, sir or ma’am – […]

I love my job.


I love my job. I do. I do NOT like some of my co-workers. I have tried, really I have. Here’s the thing though – I work after-hours and on Sunday. So – when I need assistance with something I must call the person who is On-call, or the in-house techs. So say for instance […]